Meet Our Team

Many of our team members at Simmons Plastic Surgery are prior patients of Dr. Oliver P. Simmons. We work well with our plastic surgeon because we trust each other. Our team is very jovial and strives to help you feel welcomed and relaxed. To learn more about us and to schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeon in the Lexington and Columbia, South Carolina area contact our office today.

Debbie Walters – Permanent Makeup Artist

Debbie is a Permanent Makeup Artist, microblading technician, instructor and Aesthetician. Debbie has extensive training and she has owned and operated her own business for over a decade, and is well trained in the spa industry. With an extensive training background, she has graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage, Esthetics International, and John Hashey’s School of Permanent Makeup. Debbie has received training in all aspects of Permanent Makeup and continues to train to stay atop this ever-growing profession.

Debbie is very passionate about permanent makeup and strives to provide all her clients the ultimate permanent makeup experience. She personalizes each procedure based on client needs so that every client has a special, unique experience. Come see Debbie so that you can wake up with makeup!