Microneedling is a novel technique for skin rejuvenation. This procedure creates thousands of tiny microchannels in the skin. This promotes the skins college formation to help erase fine lines and wrinkles.  If additional collagen is needed PRP can be added to the mix. The tiny needles penetrate the skin through the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and push all of the chemical messangers thorugh the skin.  They prompt the skin to start the healing process with collagen formation.  PRP is a treatment that uses the patient’s own blood which is spun down to plasma and the platelets are then concentrated and used to stimulate healing and collagen production. With the combination of these two techniques, we have had great success in treating and correcting skin issues such as age spots, fine lines, acne scarring, and overall skin tone and texture. The combined treatment takes as little as 60 minutes and has little to no downtime. There may be a little post treatment redness for a few days and some minor peeling.


*Results and patient experience may vary.