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Wound Care

Even though any surgeon can close wounds, there are times when the special skill of a plastic surgeon is needed. When a wound is large, jagged, or cannot be covered with the surrounding skin, a plastic surgeon can improve healing and reduce scarring. Dr. Oliver P. Simmons is skilled and experienced at determining what type of wound care closure is the best option.

Small Wounds

Traditionally, doctors use stitches or sutures to close wounds. Basic suturing techniques are still essential, but surgeons today have a wide range of materials available, including:

  • Absorbable sutures
  • Adhesives
  • Synthetic sutures
  • Tape

Skin Grafts

To perform a skin graft, our plastic surgeon will take a piece of healthy skin from one part of the body and use it to repair another area of the body. Skin grafting is employed when there is not enough adjacent skin to cover and close the wound. The grafted skin heals into the new location.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion allows our surgeon to stretch the skin and underlying tissues. A balloon is inserted under the skin and is filled with water over time. This stretches the skin until there is enough excess to close the wound.


Muscle, skin, and/or bone is moved from one part of the body to another. The flap is kept alive with its own blood vessels, or blood vessels from the flap are attached to vessels in the new location using microsurgery.

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