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Reconstructive Microsurgery

During reconstructive microsurgery, Dr. Oliver P. Simmons will use a patient’s own tissues to reconstruct a part of the body that has been affected by cancer, with the aid of a high-magnification microscope. Our plastic surgeon will isolate tissue from one part of the body on an artery vein. The tissue can then be completely detached and transfer to another part of the patient’s body for reconstruction. This tissue, which is usually called a “free flap,” may be skin, fat, muscle, bone, or a combination of these.

To accomplish free tissue transfer, our plastic surgeon will use a microscope that allows magnification up to 50 times that of the naked eye. Stitches finer than a single hair are used to reconnect the blood vessels from the free flap to the recipient vessels in the area of the body affected by cancer. The blood vessels are one to three mm in diameter, so the microscope allows surgeons to work with precision and to avoid problems like clotting or kinking.

Using a patient’s own tissue with healthy blood flow for reconstruction promotes healing, reduces scarring, and creates a more natural-looking result.

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