Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Abdominal wall reconstruction is a complex surgery that is usually used to correct weaknesses in the abdomen caused by recurring hernias or open wounds that are not easily corrected with other treatments. Hernias are usually corrected with general surgery, but if the repair fails after one or more tries, abdominal wall reconstruction must be considered. In some cases, traditional methods of repair are likely to fail because of scar tissue or an abdominal wall catastrophe. In these circumstances, Dr. Oliver P. Simmons will perform an abdominal wall reconstruction in Lexington, South Carolina, to dynamically restructure the abdomen at the time of closure.

During abdominal wall reconstruction, our plastic surgeon will move the abdominal tissues to redistribute the abdominal muscles. In this way, a dynamic repair is created that reinforces the midline closure. Many patients report that they feel as if they are wearing a girdle after the procedure. Everything is tucked in because the musculature is placed as close to the midline as possible. This placement of the muscles helps neutralize the reasons for hernia breakdown and makes success much more likely.

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