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December 10, 2015

Preparing for a Breast Augmentation Procedure

You might be interested in breast augmentation for a number of different reasons. Your goals, medical reasons and body type can all play a factor in how you prepare for breast augmentation. Being fully prepared beforehand will go a long way towards helping you have a speedy recovery.

You should talk to your surgeon and your regular physician about any medications you are taking. If at all possible, you should avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs or other medications that may increase the risk of bleeding. You should also abstain from using tobacco or other products that contain nicotine.

The breast augmentation procedure will require sedation. As such, you should not eat or drink after midnight of the day before. Arrange to have a friend or family member drive you. It’s also a good idea to have a strong support system at home as it may take you several days to get back on your feet again.

Try to plan some time off from work or other strenuous activities. It might take you more than a week to regain your strength, so don’t rush yourself back into your usual routine.

It’s also a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothes on the day of the procedure. This will make dressing and moving around much easier. You will usually be provided with a post-op bra. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have another one at home as a backup.

If you have any questions about preparing for the breast augmentation procedure, please feel free to call us at 803-490-7644 to schedule an appointment.

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