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November 25, 2015
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January 8, 2016

FaceLift for Men

FaceLift for Men

In the past facelift procedures were typically seen as a surgery designed to give a woman back a youthful looking face. In recent years more men have become interested in having a facelift and plastic surgeons have started answering their interests.

A facelift procedure for a man is a little different than it is for a woman. A beard with all of its facial hair follicles gives men thicker skin on their face. In older men the skin can also be a little bit looser and require more tightening.

Incision placement is also a key consideration. Alterations in the beard line or the side burn could also be noticeable even after the incision has completely healed. This prompts most surgeons to place the incision in the natural creases and wrinkles in front of the ear.

Men also have a tendency to deposit fat in the neck area. This drives some men to also include a neck lift procedure that is designed to address the sagging of skin or fatty deposits in the neck and under the jawbone.

If you are a man with questions about getting face or necklift or you would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to call us at 803-490-7644 to schedule an appointment.

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