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What Should Experience During and After a Tummy Tuck?

mini tummy tuck

Do you feel insecure about your loose, excessive skin? Have you tried and failed to get rid of your flab through diet changes and new exercise routines? If your skin isn’t tightening over time and exercise and diet changes aren’t helping you achieve your desired body, it may be time to consider a mini tummy tuck.

Unsure what a mini tummy tuck procedure is or how it can help you achieve the body you want? In this article, we’ll cover what a tummy tuck is, how the procedure works, and what to expect so you can determine if this procedure is right for you.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck surgery, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure that removes extra fat and skin. It can also restore weakened or separated muscles, which will make your abdominal profile looks smoother and tighter.

People who are dealing with a protruding ab section or loose and sagging skin generally turn to this procedure to achieve the flat and toned abdomen they can no longer achieve through proper diet and exercise because of things like aging, pregnancy, and hereditary issues.

Signs You Should Get a Mini Tummy Tuck

Are you not sure you’re a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck procedure? Here are some signs you should consider the surgery.

You Have Loose Abdominal Muscles

Are your ab muscles resistant to exercise? Are they not providing the support you need? If so, a cosmetic surgeon can separate your layers of skin and fat from your abdominal muscles, and pull the muscles together at the midline, which will make your abs more prominent and give you better structural support.

Your Skin Isn’t Elastic, or You Have Excess Skin

Has your skin been forever stretched out due to excess weight loss or pregnancy? If so, tummy tuck surgery is a great way to improve the appearance of excess skin! This procedure can make a big difference in how you look and how you fit into your clothes.

You Have Significant Stretch Marks

Do you have prominent stretch marks from extreme weight loss or pregnancy? Well, a tummy tuck procedure can be useful in removing the excess skin that’s been stretched! This procedure is really one of the only ways to get rid of stubborn stretch marks, so it’s great for people who feel self-conscious because of that.

You Have Lower Body Confidence

Everyone should love the skin they’re in. So if you’re not happy with your stretch marks or excess skin, you should consider a tummy tuck procedure. It can help you look (and feel) your best so you can approach each day with confidence and enthusiasm.

The Best Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck procedures are great, but they’re not for everyone. Here are the types of candidates that are best suited for this surgery.

  • People between the ages of 26 to 65
  • People who are non-smokers
  • People who are generally in good health (not advisable for obese people)

If you fit these criteria and want a flatter stomach and stronger abdominals, a tummy tuck may be the right procedure for you.

How Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure Work?

The great thing about a mini tummy tuck is that it’s a relatively fast and easy procedure. Here’s a quick rundown of how the surgery works:

The procedure starts with a surgeon administering anesthesia for your procedure. Your surgeon will either recommend intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. After you have been sedated, the surgeon will make a horizontal incision in the area between your pubic hairline and belly button.

How big the incision will be, and the shape of it will be determined by how much excess skin you have. But once the incision is made, your abdominal skin will be lifted, and the weakened ab muscles under it will be replaced. The surgeon will then trim the excess skin, and the remaining skin will be sutured together.

The surgeon will then create a new opening for the belly button, which will be sutured into position. After your skin incisions are closed, you’ll have a flatter and firmer set of abdominals.

What’s Tummy Tuck Recovery Like?

During your recovery period, you’ll have to apply dressings or bandages to your incisions. You may also need to be wrapped in a bandage or compression garment to reduce swelling and assist your abdomen as it heals. If you have any excess blood or bodily fluids, the doctor may place small, thin tubes under your skin temporarily to drain those liquids.

Beyond that, you’ll be given specific instructions on things like:

  • How to care for your surgical site and drains
  • What medicines to take and when
  • Specific things to look out for at your surgical site
  • When you should schedule a post-surgery meeting with your surgeon

It’s important to know that recovery from a tummy tuck depends on the kind of surgery you’ve undergone. Generally speaking, the recovery time for this surgery can range from 5 days to 2 or more weeks. If you follow your surgeon’s recommendations, you can expect to heal sooner.

What to Expect After the Surgery

The first few weeks after your surgery, you’ll find yourself with bodily swelling, and you may not be able to stand fully upright. Within two weeks, however, you’ll be able to stand fully upright and showcase your new body.

Final Thoughts on Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

Are you unsatisfied with how your body looks? Have you tried your best to get a slimmer profile, but just can’t seem to achieve that? If so, you should consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss tummy tuck procedure options! This surgery is a great way to achieve the body you want in a way that’s practical and safe.

Are you ready to get the body you’ve always wanted? Do you want to learn more about the tummy tuck procedure? Contact us if you’d like to connect with a dedicated plastic surgeon who can help you achieve your desired look and increase your confidence.

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