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Everything You Need to Know About Eyelid Surgery Recovery

eyelid surgery recovery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) was the 4th most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2017, accounting for over 200,000 surgeries.

Whether it’s puffy and drooping lower eyelids or sagging upper eyelids, many people wish to restore their eyelids to their once youthful glory.

The truth is that age-related eye changes can alter the look of the eyes and make you look older than you’d like.

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that takes less than two hours and is normally carried out in an outpatient medical facility.

If you’re considering blepharoplasty, you probably are curious about eyelid surgery recovery.

After reading through this piece, you’ll be able to understand what the normal healing process looks like. This will help you understand what to expect as well as if blepharoplasty is right for you.

What to Expect After Blepharoplasty

After an eyelid surgery, you’ll need to find your way home. Your surgeon is likely to advise against driving for at least 24 hours after the procedure. As such, you should have a loved one or friend drive you home or use a cab service.

You should also take some time off work–at least 48 hours. If possible, you can take a little more time off work particularly if your job involves being physically active.

Your doctor can also recommend using cold compresses on the eyes after your surgery and the following day to help bring down the swelling. On top of that, they may order you to do all or any of the following:

  • Use prescription ointments or eye drops as directed
  • Use glasses instead of contacts
  • Be extra careful when cleaning around your eyelids
  • Wear sunscreen or dark tinted glasses when outside to shield your eyes from the wind and the sun
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t swim
  • Don’t participate in strenuous activities or lift anything heaving or work out for at least 7-10 days
  • Don’t use blood-thinning medications
  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Raise your head above your torso using several pillows

Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time

Full upper eyelid surgery recovery time usually takes around three months but you should expect to resume your usual routine after two or three weeks of healing. Here’s an overall guide on what to expect for your entire timeframe.

2-3 Days Post-Surgery

Some patients might experience grogginess or nausea from the anesthesia applied during the surgery. Nausea may be relieved with medicine as long as the patient has got a history of this symptom. The eyes can feel tender, hot, or tight during this period.

In addition, patients may experience mild discomfort and pain which can be controlled with prescribed medicine. Many patients might have blurred vision and slight vision impairments.

Depending on the scale of the blepharoplasty, the patient may need to wear protective bandages or gauze over their eyes. They may also start to experience itching at the incision points. This may last for two weeks and is normal during the healing process.

Patients should avoid itching or rubbing the eyelids until they’re completely healed.

1 Week Post-Surgery

Patients may experience continued swelling and bruising, but the discomfort and pain should be minimal.

Although vision gets clear, patients should still avoid things that dry the eyes out like watching TV or reading for extended periods. Stitches are usually removed by the surgeon or are completely dissolved within a week.

10 Days Post-Surgery

At this time, patients should be able to resume work and usual daily activities like extended TV watching or reading. However, they should still avoid strenuous activities. Both pain and vision blurring is minimal but some slight swelling and bruising may remain.

2-3 Weeks Post Surgery

Bruising and swelling around the eyes start to fade out. Most patients can start wearing contact lenses and makeup.

Patients can take part in more strenuous activities and exercises (bar contact sports). Some people may continue to feel tired and find that their eyes become tired easily.

1-2 Months Post-Surgery

By the end of the second month, most of the healing will probably be done but many individuals recover earlier than this. Redness and swelling will be almost totally gone.

At this time, the patient should be able to notice the difference in their eyes–and positive changes in their overall facial look.

1 Year Post-Surgery

Normally, you should begin to enjoy your eyelid surgery results within the first 1-2 months. However, some patients may require up to 12 months to see results. By this time, the scar tissue shouldn’t be so obvious and should have softened to blend in with your skin tone.

Depending on the surgery’s requirements, you can have your procedure on an outpatient basis. In some cases, however, your surgeon can also recommend an overnight stay at the hospital.

Top Tips for Eyelid Surgery Recovery

The following tips and recommendations can help facilitate successful blepharoplasty recovery. They can drastically shorten the time of your eyelid surgery scar healing process and the final results.

  • Apply cold compresses to control swelling
  • Keep your head raised during sleep to reduce swelling as well
  • Do not take alcohol during the first phase of your eyelid surgery recovery
  • Avoid physical activities like exercise or even lifting objects and bending over
  • Use antibiotics as prescribed
  • Protect your eyes from debris, the sun, and wind
  • Avoid straining the eyes at least in the first couple of days after surgery. So, keep off books, TV, mobile, and computer screens

Learn More about Upper Eyelid Surgery Recovery Today

Although the idea of eyelid surgery may seem scary initially, the fact is that this procedure is fairly easy for most patients. What’s more, it can give patients truly transformative results. Be sure to look at the ‘before and after’ photos of the procedure to better understand the changes you may experience.

Ready to change the appearance of your eyelids so you can look younger? If so, talk to the surgeons at Simmons Plastic Surgery. Contact us today for a consultation.

Our team will help you know all about eyelid surgery, including eyelid surgery recovery. This will help you decide whether this procedure is right for you or not.

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