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Breast Reduction Requirements: What Do You Need?

breast reduction requirements

Breast Reduction Requirements: What Do You Need?

If you struggle from the curse of overly large breasts, you may have thought about what your options are.

Sure, you can go through life dealing with the pain and inconvenience they cause you. Or you can look into getting a surgical breast reduction from a plastic surgeon who wants to help you feel comfortable and confident.

This procedure is also referred to as a reduction mammoplasty. Many women opt to have this surgery done in order to lead more happy, fulfilling, and healthy lives.

As you consider this option, you’ll want to look into the breast reduction requirements and make sure you’re a good candidate for the surgery.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about breast reduction requirements.

Why Opt for a Breast Reduction

If you are not familiar with the breast reduction requirements, you may be unclear about exactly why some women opt to go under the knife for this surgery.

Below, we’ll explain some of the reasons people have for getting a breast reduction. This will help you decide if this procedure seems right for you.

Health Concerns

Overly large breasts can wreak havoc on a woman’s physical and emotional health. Battling a negative self-image and feeling bad about yourself due to your overly large breasts is no way to live.

Having breasts that are too big may make you look larger or more obese than you actually are, suggesting that you are unhealthy or unfit.

The flip side can also happen: you don’t work out at all because your breasts are too large, and exercising is very uncomfortable for you.

Feeling top heavy and having your breasts get in the way of the activities you want to do can put a damper on your daily life.

Living with pain or discomfort due to your breasts is no way to live. This extra weight may impair your desire to lead an active and healthy life, and it’s just not worth the costs to your physical health and wellness.

Don’t despair. You have options. If these things are true for you, a breast reduction may be the perfect solution.

What Makes a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction Surgery?

A good candidate for a breast reduction is someone whose breasts are so large that their physical activity level is severely limited.

Usually, annoyance at the breasts getting in the way of normal daily life and strong feelings of self-consciousness are what lead women to opt for a breast reduction.

Breasts that are too large may also cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. The immense weight of the breasts can cause discomfort, physical illness, and even skin irritation in the folds and creases of the breasts.

If you see indentations in your shoulders where your bra straps hit due to the heavy weight of your breasts, you might be a good candidate for a breast reduction.

Despite the physical limitations imposed by overly large breasts, breast reduction requirements say that good candidates for the surgery should be healthy. They should not be smokers or lead an overly sedentary lifestyle.

You’ll need to have realistic expectations going into the surgery. A breast reduction may greatly improve or enhance your life, but it cannot magically fix you.

Don’t view this surgery as the solution to all of your problems or the key to happiness. While it may make your life easier in some regards, it is not the cure-all to all of life’s woes.

What Are the Breast Reduction Requirements?

If you’ve decided you want to get this surgery and it seems right for you, you’ll first need to consider the breast reduction requirements.

First, you’ll have a consultation with a qualified and professional plastic surgeon. At this appointment, you’ll discuss the reasons behind your desire to have a breast reduction surgery.

The doctor will evaluate your overall health to help determine if your breasts are causing damage to your wellness and physical body.

You should expect to also be examined at this appointment. The surgeon will measure the size, shape, skin quality, and placement of the breasts, nipples, and areolas.

Your plastic surgeon will also go over the breast reduction requirements with you. Expect to hear all about the procedure and all that is involved with getting this surgery done.

These breast reduction requirements must be fulfilled before you can go under the knife. A breast reduction is a common procedure, but there are still risks involved.

During the surgery, extra fat and tissue in the breasts will be removed. Extra skin will also be taken out so that your breasts are brought down to normal proportions with the rest of your body.

Perks of Getting a Breast Reduction

Of course, no one would get a surgery if there weren’t major perks waiting on the other side.

Some benefits of getting a breast reduction include increased levels of confidence, comfort, and happiness.

Overly large breasts in sizes that are unwanted can be a major pain point for many women. In addition to unwanted attention and discomfort doing physical activity, the breasts can cause pain and irritation.

Getting a breast reduction does away with all of those annoying hindrances. It puts a woman in control of her body and lets her seek a level of health and wellness that she desires.

Higher levels of confidence, lower levels of pain, and easier access to more varied kinds of physical activity? Yep, all of this can come as the result of a breast reduction surgery!

I Want a Breast Reduction!

If you have done your research, know the breast reduction requirements, and arrived at the conclusion that a breast reduction surgery is right for you, then please make some time to come talk to us.

We are happy to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you through the process as you decide whether this surgery is right for you.

We are here to help. Contact us today to set up a consultation and let our well respected plastic surgeon walk you through this process.

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