Dermabrasion and Laser Resurfacing Can Help Make Certain Scars Less Prominent

A scar can develop on your skin from any number of different sources. Most are the result of a wound. Yet a harsh burn or acne can also cause prominent scars that raise up from the even plane of the skin. These types of scars, especially if they are on the face or another visible… Read more »

Increased Exfoliation Can Restore Youthful Skin

When you were young, your skin cells replenished old cells with healthy, young epithelial cells at a high rate. As the years go by, this process, which is known as exfoliation, slows, which also decreases collagen production in the deeper dermal layers. This causes lines and wrinkles to form as your skin gradually starts to… Read more »

Unappealing Moles Can Often Be Removed

Sometimes a mole in a visible part of your body can be treated as a beauty mark. At the same time, one or two unappealing moles on your face or hands can adversely affect your self-esteem. Fortunately, your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Oliver P. Simmons, can often remove an unappealing mole in a single outpatient appointment…. Read more »

Stimulating Exfoliation Is Helpful for Reducing the Appearance of Aging Skin

The natural processes of aging affect the skin in several ways. As the years go by, your skin decreases in collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. At the same time, exfoliation also slows. This decreased replacement of older skin cells with younger cells can cause lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, there are several… Read more »

Getting Ready for a Facelift

One of the easiest ways to see how a person’s age is by looking at the skin on their face. As we grow older, that skin loses its ability to stretch and look “young.” It may even start to sag in some places and cause your face to look more like a rectangle than you’d like…. Read more »

Increasing Breast Volume

Wanting fuller, more youthful-looking breasts is a natural thing. That’s why Dr. Oliver P. Simmons is happy to offer breast augmentation services to his patients here at Simmons Plastic Surgery in Lexington, South Carolina. A breast augmentation is the clinical term for a breast lift, and it’s a pretty straightforward procedure. During the procedure –… Read more »

Liposuction Facts

Do you feel self-conscious about areas on your body holding excess fat? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people struggle with stubborn areas like stomach and thighs that hold excess fat and make it nearly impossible to be rid of. That is why our team here at Simmons Plastic Surgery in Lexington, South… Read more »

Miss Peyton Clary is now accepting new clients for aesthetic services

Peyton, out new addition to our team, just received word she is now fully licensed to practice aesthetics in the state.  She now has a fully open schedule of client services mostly dedicates to advanced aesthetics with a medical focus.  She would love to give you advice on skin care, perform microblading, microneedling, do a… Read more »

Unprotected Sun Exposure Can Increase the Appearance of Skin Aging

Unprotected sun exposure can pose a significant threat to the health of your skin in various ways. In the short-term sunburn, the sun can damage your skin. When this happens, the skin cells in the upper and even middle layers of the skin start to die. The healing and regeneration process can be slow. In… Read more »

Canfield Vectra XT

Simmons Plastic Surgery is proud to be one of the few practices in the world to offer the Vectra XT. It is Canfield’s comprehensive camera system that not only allows you to visualize the possibilities of what your results will be like, it also is a powerful tool for Dr Simmons to preoperatively plan your… Read more »