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5 Tips for a Speedy Breast Augmentation Recovery

breast augmentation

Let’s face it; you’ve saved up the money, you’ve paid for the operation, now you’re counting down the days until the coveted breast augmentation surgery day arrives. Just like any surgery, you’re going to need a little recovery time.

But how on earth do you recover from surgery that impacts your life so heavily? Of the 1.7 million cosmetic surgeries performed in a year, breast augmentation was the number one procedure with over 290,000 procedures completed.

With so many people partaking in breast augmentation, it’s important to understand not only the benefits but how you can recover as fast as possible.

These tips will help you recover from your surgery as fast as possible so that you, and others, can benefit from your new results to the fullest.

Recovery Timescales And Restrictions

With around 48 million surgical procedures performed yearly in the US, it’s important to remember that every type of surgery is different. Regardless of if you’ve had different types of surgery before, it’s important to understand and know the timescales and restrictions for breast augmentation surgery.

Let’s run through what you should expect in the coming days after your surgery.

2-3 Days After Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

After two or three days, most breast augmentation patients will experience some light to moderate pain which you can usually manage through painkillers.

You may also experience some swelling of the breast tissue, and your chest may experience some light bruising. You can use a surgical bra alongside compression bandages to help reduce any discomfort you may feel and protect your open wounds.

Some patients can experience nausea as a side-effect of the anesthesia from the operation. After two days you should be ready to take a shower.

1 Week After Surgery

After the first week, most patients are ready to go back to work and can perform some light activity.

You should avoid any bending, lifting or any other forms of activities that you could strain yourself. After the first week, you’ll typically return for a post-op appointment to have your breasts inspected.

2 Weeks After Surgery

Two weeks after surgery most patients start to feel themselves again and can take on normal daily tasks without pain. You should continue to avoid any strenuous exercise, and after two weeks you should be able to take a bath again.

4 Weeks After Surgery

After a month most women feel able to gently begin returning to exercise, although you would want to avoid exercises that target the chest.

6 Weeks After Surgery

After six weeks, your recovery should be complete. Most patients at this stage can exercise completely free of any restraints, can sleep on their front and sides and wear an underwire bra with no problem.

Five Tips For A Speedy Recovery

To help you speed up the recovery process and have you back on your feet in no time, you can follow these five tips below.

1. Plan For Help

Although breast augmentation recovery isn’t too extreme, you have to remember that you will have just undergone major surgery. While recovery can be simple, for the first few days you are going to feel tired and a little sore.

Up until the six-week mark you shouldn’t be partaking in any heavy lifting, including picking up children who are under 25 pounds (or over for that matter).

You will also need to make sure you aren’t driving until you have finished with all of your medication. All of these tasks will require assistance, so it’s important to schedule assistance with regular chores and with the children. At least for the first one to three days.

Even if you have a family member to stop by once a day, that can help out.

2. Manage Your Pain Properly

Most patients are going to experience some level of pain after their operation, especially in the first few days. How severe the pain is will depend on your specific tolerance and the technique used by your surgeon.

Sometimes you’ll feel pressure or a tightening in your chest, and your doctor can prescribe you some pain medication for a few days to help you through your early recovery.

After the first 72 hours, you should be fine with over the counter medication. Make sure to fill your doctors prescription before the operation, so your pain medication is at hand after surgery.

3. Get a Lot of Rest and Sleep

Getting lots of rest sounds like a no-brainer after major surgery. Having said that, a lot of people find that difficult.

Aim to set yourself away from the action in a nice quiet room and make sure you have a comfortable bed to rest in. You should prepare the room with plenty of pillows so you can sit upright at a comfortable angle.

It’s a good idea to have DVD’s, books and a magazine or two to hand, so you don’t try to get out of bed if you’re bored. It’s important to listen to your body and understand when it needs rest.

4. Eat Light, Healthy Foods and Drink Water at Home

Make sure before surgery to stock your stores high with easy to prepare foods and lots of water. You may find after the operation you feel nauseous, so go for some light, soft foods.

Make sure you have a good variety of healthy foods available such as fruit, to give your body energy and strength so you can heal over the first few days. It’s also very easy to not drink enough water and become dehydrated so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout.

5. Have Patience

Remember to have patience. Although popular, breast augmentation is far from a simple procedure.

Your body requires time to recover from the surgery. While you may find there are different types of breast augmentation, and some are more complicated than others, even simple surgery is a critical surgical procedure.

Heal Your Body Quickly With These Simple Tips

Having patience is perhaps the hardest thing to have, but by preparing yourself and your home for your recovery, you’ll have the best chance possible of a speedy recovery.

If you want to learn more about breast augmentation surgery, don’t hesitate. Contact us directly today.

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