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10 Incredible Benefits of a Facelift


Now more than ever, people are choosing experiences over things when spending their money. In fact, since 1987 consumer spending on experiences over things has increased nearly 70%.

People are more focused on experiences, appearance, and overall wellness because it can change mood and shift their perspective on life. Patients who are thinking about a facelift often fail to realize the many benefits the procedure can have.

A facelift, which is also called a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that is used to reduce the signs of aging in the face and neck. But the impact on life experience and your appearance goes much deeper than that.

Here are 10 incredible benefits of a facelift you may not be aware of.

1. Tighten Skin

At first, you may notice those tiny smile lines and creases in the mirror and tell yourself no one notices. Unfortunately, they deepen and spread over time.

The skin tightening that occurs with a plastic surgery procedure takes care of those lines right away. The loose skin and creases and wrinkles all over your face will be gone.

2. Less Makeup

If you are finding your makeup budget heading through the roof over time you may already have the money in place for a plastic surgery procedure. All of that caked on makeup to try and hide imperfections and wrinkles can have the opposite effect.

You may be piling on the years with every extra makeup application. Rather than creating a youthful experience, all that extra makeup can make people look out of date and ancient.

Control that makeup spend with the right facial procedure.

3. Better Than Injectable Treatments

If you are mulling botox of a facelift the results speak for themselves. The results are more visible and dramatic with a plastic surgery.

4. Safe

If you are among the people who have long hoped for a surgical procedure to reverse the effects of aging you may have waited for safety’s sake. 85% of people are afraid of getting general anesthesia.

Nurses, hospitals, doctors, and surgery can be so frightening to some patients that they put off getting the procedures they will most benefit from.

The good news for plastic surgery patients is how safe plastic surgery is. A rhytidectomy is a safe way to improve your overall appearance and experience a new you.

In the trusted hands of an expert plastic surgeon you can trust your surgery will be safe and a success.

5. Make Jowls Disappear

If you are among the potential facelift patients who have developed jowls over time, the surgery can be a tremendous blessing.

Many of us associate jowls with stern emotions, severe attitudes, and the exact opposite of a youthful persona.

Make them disappear with a facelift.

6. Strengthen Facial Muscles

Over time all of us feel the effects of weakening muscles. You don’t have to be elderly to feel that extra ache in your legs after a long jog.

While there are training regimens and fitness routines that allow us to build up muscle and fight off weakness, many don’t know this issue extends to the face.

Plastic surgery will help tighten skin and shift your appearance to a more youthful version of your best self. But it also works to strengthen the facial muscles themselves.

Give some extra strength to your winning smile with rhytidectomy. Plus, you won’t have to worry about those wrinkles at the eyes and mouth so much!

7. A Better Smile

What could be worse than being afraid to smile? Before facelifts, some patients are actually afraid to smile for fear of revealing too many premature wrinkles.

They avoid a simple plastic surgery and try and keep their face still to hide their imperfections. Spending thousands on dentists won’t give you enough confidence to flash that smile though.

You’ll have a better smile and create more warmth for those around you with a plastic surgery tailored to your needs.

8. Remove Loose Skin and Fatty Deposits Under Chin

If you are among the millions of Americans who devote time and energy to exercise and fitness a rhytidectomy can change your appearance dramatically.

Unfortunately for some of us no amount of exercise and dieting can remove the appearance of a double chin. Excess skin and fatty deposits can give the appearance of a poor overall fitness routine even for the most dedicated among us.

Plastic surgery can change all that. By addressing that loose skin and fat deposits you can have a different overall look.

Get rid of that double chin appearance no matter how fit you are.

9. A Happier You

The shift from buying things to investing in experiences is because people know that possessions won’t buy happiness. But a happier you can start with feeling more confident inside and out.

Plastic surgery for your face helps this. That better smile you are craving won’t just charm the people you meet that much more.

A stronger smile you are happy with will also make you happier. Smiling can trick your brain into happiness and create more overall health.

Your plastic surgery won’t just make you happy because you look more beautiful. It will also make you happier every time you show off your investment in smiling.

10. Long Lasting

If you think you’ll be back in the surgeon’s office again in fast succession if you invest in a facelift you are wrong. The effects of this type of plastic surgery are long-lasting.

Expect to get 10 years or more from your surgery.

Your Facelift Specialist

Once you know the incredible benefits of plastic surgery for your face there is nothing left to do but find the perfect surgeon to help. But sometimes finding someone you can trust and rely on can be just as difficult as getting solid information about surgery.

Simmons Plastic Surgery is the answer for discerning clients who expect the very best from their plastic surgeon, medical staff, and office support.

Patients love Simmons Plastic Surgery because of our expertise, as well as our ability to create comfort and overall care.

Don’t trust your plastic surgery procedure to the wrong doctor or clinic. Contact Simmons Plastic Surgery now and find out more about what we can do to help you look and feel younger.

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